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April 11, 2011

My surgery went well and thanks to all who emailed and prayed for me. I should be in the hospital a few more days and can not wait to get home and back to the mission I dearly love.For those who prayed for me a very big and graetful thank you! Prayer works for sure. I have spent 165 days in the hospital and rehab center this past year. It has been a VERY LONG HARD road.  I think now my recovery has finally begun!

Now about our RESCUE..It may be a few weeks before I am able to take in rescue dogs and get back to what I love but at least now I see a light at the end of the tunnel.

We have our state inspection coming up by the first of June so it is vital that I get back to the kennel to prepare for this yearly inspection. We had to invest in a bunch of new kennel panels for the chain link we had was chewed beyond repair. We were lucky to get 6 black powder coated (normal cost is $400 plus per 6 panels) nice panels for only $44.00 for 6. ONE chain link panel cost us $40.00 and 6 would have cost us $160.00. The new black powder coated ones we bought should not rust nearly as fast and are chew resistant!

We will need gravel first before these are put into place. If you can help with the $400 plus cost of a load of gravel we would be so thankful. We have to have the gravel in place before putting down the new outside kennel runs. Our inspection states that we have to have a bed of 6 inches of gravel in each kennel run. We are almost all dirt now that the gravel has worn down.

We also have the spring festival coming up in Waxhaw mid May in Waxhaw. Have you already signed up to help out with our booth? If not and you want to help send me a email. I will continue to up date this page the next few days so everyone knows how things are going.

God bless


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