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Be a REAL SUPER HERO Become a Volunteer and Help Us Save More LIVES!!!

There are so many ways you can volunteer to help.

********** One way is to set up a collection drive in your neighborhood.  You can make a wish list from our donations needed page and print them out. Pass them out in your neighborhood and put on there that you will pick up all items (state that they should leave them on their front porch in a bag marked for rescue) on a certain date. Give it about one week for people to be able to get things together and go out and buy items to donate. Pick up the donated items on the date your put on your list and then call to plan a trip to bring out the donations to the kennel. If you have a problem getting to come to the kennel we will be happy to come pick up all the items you were able to collect for us. We really appreciate and need your help with fundraising.

********* Another way is to ASK your family to pitch in and help you support our mission, ASK for help from the adults in your immediate family (aunts, uncles, brother and sisters if they are over 18), grandparents and your parents. ASK each one to buy a minimum 10.00 gift card from one of the following places...(come one most anyone can afford that amount to help save a life)...cards are needed from Lowes, Home depot, Sams, Walmart, Petsmart, Petco, Target and Harris Teeter. These cards are used when we run our of medication, dog food, puppy pads, yogurt or cottage cheese for dogs with upset tummies and building supplies and maintenance items. Once you have collected your cards call and plan a day to come out and help at the kennel. You can come walk dogs, poop patrol, vacuum, do waters and help socialize new pups. This is a fun and enjoyable way to make a big difference. The gift cards are a BIG NEED FOR US... CAN YOU HELP????

We are so thankful for each person who takes the time to come help us with the care of our rescue pets. If you would be willing to spend some time helping please let us know. We can always use help walking dogs, brushing dogs, cleaning, training and just giving lots of love and attention to the rescue pets we save. WE LOVE VOLUNTEERS!

If you just want to come walk and play with dogs PLEASE CONSIDER STOPPING BY ONE OF THE MENTIONED LOCATIONS and pick up a gift card before you come. SHOW THE LOVE FOR THE PETS IN RESCUE by putting something into our mission. YOUR HELP IS SO GREATLY needed and appreciated.

Hours of Operation for volunteers SATURDAYS ONLY please CALL ahead 704 254 0354

Release of Liability form below that you will need to COPY/PASTE into a document for any child less than 18 years of age who comes to volunteer. Please print this release, fill out and bring with your child at the time they come to volunteer to help. No child less than 18 will be able to help unless they bring the release form filled out and signed by a parent or legal guardian. Thanks for your understanding. We can not babysit your kids please do not expect us to do so. We are able to take in responsible older teens who are able to work on their own with some limited guidance. We have dozens of pets to care for, web site/Internet work to do plus other things that require our attention.

If you can not copy/paste the release please send me an email message and we will send the form to your email address.

Donna and James Fowler

Heavensown Kennel and Rescue
6415 Marvin Fowler Rd. Waxhaw NC 28173


In consideration of the covenants herein contained and agreement with Heavensown Kennel of Waxhaw, NC it’s officers, agents and employees, that
_My Child _______My WardInsert Name of Child

being at least five (5) years of age, participate in dog care and all the activities incidental thereto. I do hereby release and discharge Heavensown Kennel and Rescue of Waxhaw, NC, it’s officers, agents and employees, volunteers, promoters, sponsors, producers, assigned persons and/or heirs from all claims, demands, actions, judgments and executions which the undersigned ever had, or now has, or may have, or which the undersigned’s heirs, executors, administrators or assigns may have, or claim to have, against Heavensown Kennel and Rescue of Waxhaw, NC, it's successors or assigns, for all personal injuries, known or unknown, including death and injuries to self and/or property, real or personal, caused by or arising out of the above described activities.

Heavensown Kennel and Rescue of Waxhaw, NC, it's owners, officers, agents, employees, volunteers and/or other aforementioned persons will not be held liable for any injury, including death, incurred while walking dogs or participating in any activity on the property of Heavensown Kennel and Rescue or other surrounding properties that may be ventured upon. In addition, property owners of surrounding properties will not be held liable for any injury, including death that may occur as a result of me, my child or my ward being present on their property while walking dogs or participating in related dog care activities. I fully understand that dog care, petting and walking is done so at personal risk.

It is with this agreement and release only that attendance is offered or permitted. I, the undersigned have full power, capacity and right without limitations to execute, deliver and perform this release. I have carefully and fully read this release and fully understand all of its terms and conditions. I am executing this release voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance. The effective term of this release will be valid from this day forth, this________day of ____________, 20___

Print Child's Name, Date of Birth, Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced Years Dealing With Pets:_____________________________________________________________________________________

Print Name of Parent or Legal Guardian Phone Number:


Signature of Child Parent or Legal Guardian Date of Agreement:


Street Address, City, State Zip_________________________________________________

Home phone__________________Cell__________________Work____________________
Emergency Contacts and their Phone Numbers:____________________________________


Additional Pertinent Information should be added here:______________________________

Please include your E-mail address here:_________________________________________


Please read all the below prior to signing up for a time to visit and volunteer. Click the picture to the right and we will see you very soon! A huge thank you very much for your help!